Force Sensor

  General force sensors are generally used for measurement in research and development or laboratories.In addition to general force sensors, the company also provides customized force measurement solutions for customers' special applications.In the fields of universities and industry, accurate data for fundamental research or quality assurance is always important for measuring forces and reducing process costs.The company's piezoelectric quartz sensors have a robust structure that can measure both quasi-static and high-dynamic force processes even under harsh conditions.In research and development and testing, to break through the limits of technology, we need the highest degree of reliability and accuracy in measurement technology.Over the past 20 years, Yangzhou KEDON has been constantly innovating and pursuing perfection, making us the preferred partner for industrial and research laboratories.Technical-driven high-precision industries such as aviation and aerospace require work in challenging environments and are valuable.We work closely with well-known aerospace centers and aircraft manufacturers in China. Thanks to our professional measurement technology, we not only provide perfect measurement equipment, but also provide customers with the best performance and reliability of the equipment that is achievable.With our extensive and long-term research and development experience, we are able to help customers design and create measurement solutions, providing deep expertise and necessary technology to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.A piezoelectric sensor with multiple measurement directions is a high-end piezoelectric force measurement instrument.Multiple highly sensitive measuring elements are compactly assembled in a high-grade steel housing.The multi-component gasket sensor is a basic element of measurement technology.The sensor element itself is lightly preloaded;it is built into the customer's structure and preloaded as required.This preload corresponds to the load bias.Our force sensors can be directly used for measurement.These preloaded quartz force sensors are calibrated in the factory.They can be used in both directions of all measurement axes.Multi-component force sensors are usually installed in groups of four to form a force gauge or force platform.The single signal of a piezoelectric sensor can be combined by connecting separate connectors together.Force sensors are divided into 3-component force measurement and 6-component force/moment measurement.To this end, the company provides well-matched sensor kits and assembled force sensors as well as matching measurement instruments at the back end.Our tiny force sensors are designed specifically for measuring tiny forces.Due to their unique internal structural design, these sensors have a sensitivity more than 30 times that of standard force sensors, allowing for accurate measurement of tiny forces.
 Application field• Aerospace technology • Road and transportation • Automotive engineering • Shipbuilding and maritime industry • Energy and environmental technology • Oil and gas• Chemical industry • Pharmaceutical industry • Semiconductor and electronics industry • Paper industry • Food and beverage industry • Construction and mining• Medical technology • Mechanical engineering • University research

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